Your new dog

Thinking of introducing a new dog to your home? Dr Lisa helps you prepare for a smooth transition.


Your new adult dog

When you're introducing a new dog into your home, it's important to be prepared. If they're an adult and you already have a dog at home, there are ways that you can make the introduction run smoothly.

  • Try to have someone take your existing dog for a walk while you let your new dog explore your house – even though they can smell your dog, there won't be the added stress of meeting while on unfamiliar territory
  • Once familiar with your property, take your new dog to the park to meet your existing dog, aiming to keep this first meeting relaxed and playful and on neutral territory
  • Bring treats to reward both dogs for good behaviour
  • When you take your new dog home, make sure that you have hidden any objects your dogs might compete for – toys, chews or food, and closely supervise while they explore the yard and house together
  • Provide your new dog with their own area for sleeping and eating
  • If you are concerned about introducing your pets, talk to your vet or contact your state/territory RSPCA or Delta Institute for a chat with their behavioural training staff

Your new puppy

Dr. Lisa talks about teaching your puppy good manners – making life happier for you both!

Dogs, like children, need boundaries and rules. Remember, you are their leader and it's important that you focus on training using positive reinforcement to help them make better choices.

  • Behavioural training is important so that your dog knows how to behave with your family and the community
  • Dogs live in groups or 'families' in the wild, so help them feel secure within your family, by giving them clear and consistent rules – this way they can understand how they fit into your family group
  • The most important thing to remember is consistency – everyone in the family needs to treat the dog in the same way to reinforce the rules that you have set
  • Ask your vet or contact a positive reinforcement trainer, such as Delta Institute or an APDT trainer, for guidance with setting up a training program suitable for you and your dog